Saturday, January 14, 2017

Delgado - Round 6

Jason consoled himself that even though things weren't going too great with Maggie... least he had great kids!  Cyrus was such a hoot, always with a smile.
And his older sister, Summer, had a bundle of energy.  Good thing they lived in a trailer park that had a playground!

 After another fight, Jason turned to drink.  Anything to help take the edge off.

Maggie was focused on her career as fortune teller.  Lucien Beauchamp, THE Mr. Big in the community had actually asked her to do a reading for him.
 She met him at the Lucky Card Shack and nervously spread the cards on the table.
She flipped the cards over in order and surveyed the results.  "It appears your luck will be changing," she told him.  "You should proceed with the business deal on your table."
"How did you know?" Lucien gasped.  He'd been looking to invest in a seaport, but hadn't been able to make a decision.
"The cards never lie!" Maggie told him playfully.  
"Thank you, Ms. Delgado. I will definitely call on you again!"

Brandon and Lakishma tried to keep mostly to their rooms.  Especially when Jason and Maggie were fighting.
They didn't want to expose Ken'Ichi to the emotional turmoil.
He was growing up fast and soon would begin to understand the angry words.

 "Look! I made an A!" Summer cheered loudly, making Maggie's head ache.  "Shhh..." she complained, nursing her hangover.

Summer's shoulders slumped.  Didn't seem like anyone cared how she did in school...
Maggie hurried to the answer the phone.  When she heard who was on the other line, her mood was instantly improved.
"Mr. Beauchamp wants me to do another reading for him!" she said excitedly.  "This could be huge for my career!"
Jason frowned.  He didn't much like the idea of Maggie going out in the evening to do personal readings.  Especially with a reknowned playboy like Beauchamp.
Which lead to another fight.

Maggie met Lucien at the same place and prepared the cards with a flourish.
"A Queen will come into your life," she announced, fingering the Queen of Hearts.  "She will bring luck and love."
Lucien eyed her speculatively.

Just then, a high-pitched squeal came from behind him.  "YOU must be the fortune teller Lucie has just been RAVING about, dahling!"
She continued.  "I'm his fiance - Darling Powers
After convincing his fiance to give them a moment longer, Lucien made Maggie a very generous proposition.
"I'll... have to think about it..." she said slowly.  It would be a big change and she wasn't quite sure if she would want to do that...

At home, she debated what she would tell Jason...

Brandon and Lakishma were having a nice breakfast when...
"I do NOT want you to be his personal fortune teller! That's crazy, Maggie!  You have a FAMILY... HERE!"

"It would help with our money situation! And it doesn't have to be permanent!" Maggie argued.
As the fight raged on, Brandon and Lakishma tried to make themselves scarce.

"Brandon, we can't keep doing this.  They fight all the time.  It's not good for Ken'Ichi!" Lakishma complained.

"I know," Brandon said.  "I'll talk to Jason..."

Lakishma shook her head. "No, I want to move at the end of our lease.  We have enough to get a place of our own."

"But, Lakishma - this is where I grew up!" he started to protest, then re-considered.  "I'll think about it, okay?"

Since Maggie was so worried about money, Jason decided to pick up a few entertainment gigs.
His recent gig would require a new costume.
Not to mention a little cologne.

The ladies laughed loudly, joking and catcalling him.  Anyone who said women couldn't be raunchy had never been to a bachelorette party!
Jason let their catcalls fly over his head and began dancing.
 This is what they were paying him big bucks for, after all!
Although, he drew the line at being touched.
"Look, don't touch," Jason said, batting her hand from his stomach.

After his shift, he needed a stiff drink.  He was surprised to run into Brandy, his little sister's best friend, and roomie.  "Hey girl," he said. "How's it going?"

Brandy shrugged, still in her entertainment uniform.  "Could be better," she answered glibly.
 "Yeah, tell me about it." He replied, chugging his mixed drink down.

They sat in companionable silence until he heard the bachelorette and her friends behind him again.
"I'm gonna go get changed," he told Brandy, making a beeline to the restroom.  It might've been a little degrading, but the tips were spectacular!

Brandon researched more mechanical skills as the cousins played happily with each other.  It amused him how different their personalities were, even this young.

Cyrus loved to sing and dance.
While Ken'Ichi loved his skill-building toys.

It made him a proud papa.

Maggie and Jason were carpooling to work today.  On their way to the car, Jason saw Brandi heading home.  
"Hey girl!" he called out with a friendly wave.
"What the hell was that?" Maggie demanded as they slipped into the car.  "Are you sleeping with her?!"

And yet another fight began.

 "Summer! How have you let yourself get so far behind on your schoolwork?!" Jason asked in surprise when he got the report card. 
Summer grumbled, but pulled out all her old assignments, a virtual pile of homework.  Jason groaned.  How could he have overlooked this?
"I'm glad I don't have to do homework!" Cyrus bragged from nearby, earning a fierce scowl from his older sister.

 Summer stepped off the bus with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.
It hadn't been good enough.
 She'd gotten a failing grade.
"D@$&#^!" she cursed under her breath as she threw the report card down.

Brandon raced from the trailer behind the social worker.  "Wait! There's been a mistake! Ken'Ichi is my son!"
 "We don't make mistakes at the Sim Social Service, Mr. Delgado."

Brandon could only watch as the social worker loaded Ken'Ichi into her van and drove away.
Brandon was inconsolable.  His little boy... gone because Jason and his wife didn't take care of their kids.
 Lakishma was right.  They should've moved long ago!
Which was a mistake he was going to rectify right away.

Jason stared at the empty crib.  His kids were gone.  Taken.  He'd failed them.
"I supposed you blame me," Maggie asked snidely behind him.
"Not as much as I blame myself," he told her wearily.  He was tired of fighting. Tired of it all.  "Maybe you should find somewhere else to go."

"FINE!" Maggie snapped, flinging her ring at him.
She knew exactly where she would go...

Jason poured himself another drink, trying to figure out how it had all gone so, horribly wrong.
 The phone started ringing, announcing Mimi was trying to call... yet again.
He let it go to voicemail.
There wasn't anyone he wanted to talk to right now.  He downed his drink in one gulp, reaching for another glass. 
Day melded into the next day and Jason couldn't seem to function anymore.  He hadn't changed in Plumbbob knew how long.  He couldn't eat.  He couldn't sleep.  He was a mess.
He missed his kids.

Number of Sims in game: 56
Number of Sims completing impossible want: +3
Number of Sims hobby plaque points: +4
Neighborhood net worth ($446,605): +5 (Rounding up!)
Number of platinum graves: +1
Number CAS elders achieving impossible want: +10
Number CAS elders achieving lifetime want: +10
Number of Sims graduating Summa Cum Laude: +2
Number of Sims reaching top of career: +1

Number of shrink visits: -6
Number of times fired: -1
Number of social bunny visits: -1
Number of children taken by social worker: -4 (NOOOO... Summer, Cyrus AND Ken'Ichi!)
Number of college drop-outs: -1

Total Points:79

*AN: So. Sad. Can't. Function!  I am so mad that they lost their kids.  Even more upset that poor Brandon and Lakishma lost their son due to Summer's failing grade.  Seriously, Jason's a mess.  Hopefully he finds a way to get them back! He was such a good dad - teaching them their skills.  Guess he should've been making sure Summer did her stupid homework!