Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fiesta Tech - Semester 4

Upper-grads: Meadow Graham, Teddy Boggs, (back row) Tamara Bryant, Mimi Delgado, (couch) Katherine Inada, Raymond Bryant, (third row) Edward Vanderbuilt (front)
Freshmen: Aldric Davis & Almeric Davis, Brittany Levie (back row), Camryn Chen & Elizabeth Vanderbuilt (front row)

Aldric checked out the hotties that came from Last Chance.  He admired their skimpy outfits...
They were certainly easy on the eyes...

"He's staring again," Elizabeth whispered to her friend Brittany.

Aldric slid into the empty seat at the table.  "Well hello ladies," he said, oozing charm.

"Taken," Meadow said with disinterest, turning back to her conversation with Katherine.

Aldric wasn't the only one striking out.

Edward shook his head when Brittany made a move on him.  "You were dating my little brother," he said scathingly.
Getting turn down hit Brittany hard. She was so used to guys falling at her feet.
They were perfect for each other!

"Tamara!" Camryn said, giving her dear friend a hug.  "I've missed you so much!  It was so weird without you at home!"

Tamara smiled.  "I missed you, too.  I've been so lonely since Brandy got kicked out!"
Camryn put her hands on her hips.  "Now, why is Raymond avoiding me?" she asked.

Tamara hedged, as though she was holding something back, but finally shrugged.  "You'll have to talk to him.  I'm not getting between you guys."  She didn't want to choose between her twin brother or her best friend...

Being in a co-ed dorm was a dream come true for Brittany.
She absolutely loved the attention!
She had Aldric and Almeric eating out of her hand, too!  She kind of liked the idea of dating twin brothers.  Sexy!
Aldric was easy to convince to go all the way.  He'd been wanting to woohoo since the day he went to college!
"Yes!" he pumped his fist in victory as he stepped out of the photobooth.

Almeric was a little harder to convince. 
Whereas Aldric was just happy to have a little woo hoo, Almeric wanted to be in a committed relationship.  He told her that he was falling in love with her.
"Aw, I'm falling in love with you, too!" she said, pulling him into her arms.

Aldric didn't really care that Almeric and Brittany were getting hot and heavy.  He'd already moved on to greener pastures.

Almeric wasn't as bohemian as Brittany or Aldric.  When he saw Brittany locked in an embrace with another guy, he was crushed.
Enraged, he said some things in anger that would be impossible to take back.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that," he apologized. 
His apology was too little, too late.

"Well, now I know what you think of me!" Brittany fumed, giving him the dirtiest look.

"Good throw!" she said from across the room.  Aldric turned around.
She was beautiful!
It was hard work, but he managed to convince her to take a trip to the photobooth...
...just for pictures...

"Hey Tamara, how's it going?" Edward asked as he walked in the Greek House.  "Must've been quiet all summer long!"
Tamara glanced up in surprise, wiping away her tears.

Andrew was startled when he saw her crying.  He sat down next to her and attempted to comfort her.  "What is it?" he asked.  "What's wrong?"

Tamara looked away, "Nothing. I'm fine."

Edward reached over and dried her cheeks with his thumb.  "That's not nothing," he told her.  "Come on, you can talk to me."
He reached for her hand and squeezed.

"I just feel so silly! I thought Charles cared about me, but he probably doesn't even remember I exist!" she moaned, burying her face in her hands as a fresh spate of tears welled up.
Edward pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried, and trying to comfort her.  "I'm so sorry Tamara," he told her, sick that it was his brother that had broken her heart.  "He doesn't think things through."

"No! It was my fault! I drank too much and made a move on him," she told him.  "I feel so stupid!"

Edward stroked her hair.  "You're not stupid, Tamara." He sighed heavily.  "Why do girls always go for the bad boys?" he asked softly.  "Nice guys like me seem to always finish last."

Tamara looked up at Edward and put her hand to his cheek.  Here he was comforting her as she bawled like a baby.  "You are a nice guy," she told him.

When he smiled at her, she felt her stomach flip. 

Raymond and Meadow hurried to the Woo Hoo Room.  "I missed you so much," Meadow said, pulling him on top of her.  "The summer was way too long."

"I know! I'm so glad to be back!" he told her.  "I thought I was going to die without you!"

Teddy and Katherine held hands in the livingroom.  "I missed you more, Teddy Bear," she cooed.

"No, I missed you more, Kitty Cat," he told her.

Finally, Teddy pulled her into his arms and showed her how much he missed her.

"Oh gag me!" Mimi exploded, glancing up at them with disgust.  "Get a room!"

"Good idea," Teddy said, grabbing Katherine's hand and tugging her to the Woo Hoo Room.


Raymond and Meadow dressed hurriedly, leaving the room for Teddy & Katherine's use.

Tamara walked by and saw Raymond and Meadow kissing.  She bit her lip and wondered for the hundredth time whether she should've said something to Camryn.  She knew Camryn had a huge crush on Raymond and she didn't want her best friend getting hurt...

Another day, another toga party.  College students filed in to chat and have fun.  All the freshmen had been asked to pledge to the Last Chance Greek House and were busy being bossed around.

Vanessa walked by and sighed.  It seemed like everyone was finding love.  Everyone but her.
Camryn watched in growing horror when she saw Meadow nuzzle Raymond and kiss her.  She ran from the house with tears in her eyes.

"Looking good," Edward told Tamara with a smile as he walked by.  They'd started dating the beginning of Junior year, after he'd held her in his arms and comforted her. 
Tamara wasn't the only working out hard.  Sophomore Aldric Davis was determined to lose some weight.

"Warren!" Mimi squealed, rushing into his arms.  She knew college was supposed to be all about having tons of first dates and experimenting, but she was really hooked on Warren.
She swore he was the love of her life!
She could totally see herself married to him!

Brittany was having so much fun in college!  There were so many boys!  She was totally fixated on Edward right now, though.  So far, he'd remained aloof.  He was dating Tamara.  Brittany rolled her eyes.  Why would he want the chubby chick when he could have her?!  She was younger and prettier!

Edward was trying to be polite since Brittany was his sister's best friend.
Brittany pressed closer to Edward.  "There's something so sexy about a man with glasses," she was telling him.  "Clark Kent wore glasses and he was superman under his clothes."  She almost purred.  "I'd love to see what was under your clothes!"  While she was talking, she reached behind and goosed him.

He gasped with surprise and then took a step back.  Plumbbob, he hoped no one saw that!  He glanced around the room to find Tamara.
His heart sank when he saw the look on her face.  Oh, she saw...
Tamara slapped Brittany's face with enough force to leave a reddened hand print behind.  "Keep your hands to yourself!" she sneered angrily.  It was bad enough having to listen to all of Brittany's thinly veiled insults, but to grope her boyfriend in front of her?!
She turned to Edward with a glare.  "I didn't have anything to do with that!" Edward started to tell her.

Unfortunately, Tamara didn't hear it.  Her confidence took a huge nose-dive. It was happening all over again! Edward was going to move on now that he'd gotten what he'd wanted...

"Let me just make this easy for you," she said angrily.  "You're welcome to her!"
Edward tried to convince Tamara that it wasn't his fault and that he didn't want Brittany.

Only, it was kind of hard to do that when he did...

Almeric spotted Vanessa in the kitchen and headed towards her.  He was drawn to her.  She was so nice and kind.  The complete opposite of Brittany.  

"You look really pretty tonight," he told her appreciatively.
"Aw, thanks Almeric," she said, leaning forward and giving him a peck on the lips.  "You look nice, too."

Almeric watched her walk away with his heart on his sleeve.

"Maybe we should go back and join the party," Warren said, pulling away from Mimi with a sigh. 

Mimi reached out for him. "No, stay!" she told him, pouting.  "I thought we were having fun!"

Warren sighed heavily and leaned back against the bed.  "It is fun, but we can only make out for so long before I want.. you know... more..."

Mimi nibbled her lip.  She was pretty sure she was going to marry Warren one day.  So, did it matter if they woo-hooed before marriage?
She made her decision.
And the moment they got out of bed, she impulsively asked Warren to marry her... know... one day...

Teddy and Mimi kept their eye on Raymond.  He'd failed his class.

"He's always freaking out about his grades," Mimi said with a roll of her eye.

Teddy shrugged.  "Should we just leave him here?"

Mimi nodded. "Yeah, he'll be fine.  He'll get up off the ground when he's done pouting."

"GET HER!" Aldric called out, cheering on the combatants.

Vanessa watched in horror as Tamara tugged at her friend's hair.  "Almeric! Do something!" she said.

Almeric just stared at Vanessa dumbly.  She was in her underwear...  
"Hey! Watch it!" Mimi said when Tamara shoved Brittany into the table.  "I'm eating here!"

Vanessa convinced Almeric to join her in the photobooth to take a picture.  He was a little disappointed that they didn't do more.
But, the joy he saw on her face as she looked at their pictures melted his heart.
He was going to marry that girl some day.

Mimi blew out a breath.  "Summer school sucks!" she said, working on her homework with the rest of the students on Academic Probation.  She snuck a glance over at Raymond.  She wasn't sure what had happened, but for some reason, he and Meadow broke up.  She could totally see him breaking up with her because he needed to focus more on school.

They were given extra assignments to bring up their grades.
They were also supposed to work on their skills for their classes.

If they messed up again, they would be kicked out of school.

"Camryn?" he asked, stepping into the room.  "Can you talk?"

Camryn shot him an irritated look. "What?" she asked him gruffly.  He'd broken her heart and done a mexican hat dance on it.   She was polite in public because it was required, but she didn't have to be in private.
He shuffled forward and sighed.  "I never told you I was sorry," he told her.  "I got caught up in the relationship with Meadow and didn't give you another thought."

Camryn winced.  Ouch.

Raymond sighed heavily when he saw the pained look cross her face.
Gently, he reached out and tipped her chin up.  "I didn't mean it like that. I meant that I didn't consider your feelings because I was being a selfish jerk."  He paused.  "Can you forgive me?"

Camryn shrugged.  "It's water under a bridge," she lied.

Raymond gazed into her eyes and she felt the connection that she used to always feel when he was near.  Her breath hitched in her throat as he started to lean forward to kiss her.
Sanity returned.

"NO!" she said, pushing him away.  "I am not going to be your backup romance after Meadow broke up with you!" 

Number of Sims in game: 55 (Welcome to the hood Aldric & Almeric and Brittany)
Number of Sims completing impossible want: +3
Number of Sims hobby plaque points: +4
Neighborhood net worth ($446,605): +5 (Rounding up!)
Number of platinum graves: +1
Number CAS elders achieving impossible want: +10
Number CAS elders achieving lifetime want: +10
Number of Sims graduating Summa Cum Laude: +2
Number of Sims reaching top of career: +1

Number of shrink visits: -6 (Darn it Raymond!)
Number of times fired: -1
Number of social bunny visits: -1
Number of children taken by social worker: -1
Number of college drop-outs: -1

Total Points:81

 *AN: I am not sure what in the world happened between Raymond and Meadow.  He went to give her a kiss and she pushed him away and insulted him.  I guess their relationship imploded!  I can only suppose the stress of being put on academic probation was too much for him! Lol