Friday, January 13, 2017

Chen - Round 6

Mehrissa was having a bit of difficulty adjusting to being a Mom.
"I was just finishing breakfast!" she told him guiltily.
"This place is a pigsty!" he said, frustrated by the dirty bottles littering the counters and the soiled diaper that didn't quite make it to the trash can. 
"I know," she said with plaintively. "There's just always something to do!"
They were interrupted when her phone started ringing.  "I'm just going to get that," she said, eager to dismiss the mundane from her mind.

She was glad her friends invited her out.  If she'd had to listen to the baby crying any longer, she would've gone crazy!
She glanced across the bar towards the guys at the other end.  She saw one glance up and wave with a smile.  "Mehrissa!"
"How are you boys doing?" she asked with a sly wink towards Charles.
Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the gaze of a hottie she hadn't run into before. "Excuse me," she murmured under her breath.
"Hey guys, what'd I miss?" Michael Bryant, Charles roommate, asked as he took a seat at the table. "Do we have a 4th?"

Charles glanced up and frowned when he saw Mehrissa flirting with the guy in red.
"Hey, Mehrissa, the game's ready to start," he said, hopping up and trying to direct her back to the game.

Mehrissa waved Charles off.  "Do you wanna come back to my place?" she asked Wade.
"Hella yeah!" the young man declared eagerly.

On the front stoop, Mehrissa made her move. 
And then they walked in to a shrieking baby and a pacing nanny.  "Oh, thank goodness you're home! I think he's colicky!"
Mehrissa winced, turning back towards the young man and smiling.  "This'll just take a second..."
But Wade cleared his throat nervously.  "Umm.. I, uh... didn't know you were a mom..."
Mehrissa stomped her foot in frustration when the young hottie walked out the door.  "Blasted kid!" she fumed.  It wasn't fair!!  She should have easily been able to woohoo with him!

She sulked on the couch for who-knows-how-long.
The door opened and closed.
Curtis hurried to pick up Cameron from the floor to comfort him.
"How long did you leave him on the floor?" he demanded sharply.
Mehrissa shrugged.  "I don't know. I'm going to bed."
How could  a mother be so indifferent to her child? Curtis wondered as he tucked Cameron into bed.

Curtis more than made up for his wife's lack of interest in little Cameron.
"Morning, Champ," he said as he lifted the baby from the crib.
He worked tirelessly on potty-training and teaching Cameron to walk and talk.

"I just don't understand why you can't make more of an effort to bond with him!" Curtis complained.  "He's your son!"
Mehrissa frowned.  "I don't think I'm a baby person. Maybe when he's older... when I can play with him..."
Curtis shook his head and headed to work.

While Cameron slept...
...the party raged on.

"MAAAAAAMAAAAA!" Cameron wailed.
"Did you hear something?" Charles asked.

Mehrissa checked her watch.  "Time to go!" she called out, breaking up the party.

Curtis watched the rowdy group head off as he shook his head.  Young people today!

Mehrissa was just feeding Cameron when Curtis walked in. 
Curtis smelled the dirty diaper before he noticed it.
"Is it to much to ask that you change a diaper once in awhile?" Curtis yelled.  "Is that the same diaper I left him in hours ago?"

Disgusted with Mehrissa's attitude, Curtis decided to sleep on the pull-out bed for the night.

Curtis greeted his old friends, Shelby & Blair. 
"I'll just get lunch ready!" he called from the tiny kitchen.
He was frankly surprised that Mehrissa joined them and ate something other than the junk food she seemed to live off of.
When talk turned to children and grandchildren, Mehrissa excused herself.  BOOOORING!

Curtis was disappointed when his friends took their leave, but it'd been a fun afternoon.

The couple continued to sleep apart, existing more as roommates than a couple.

Curtis was surprised to find Mehrissa singing with Cameron.  His jaw dropped with surprise.  She was actually showing an interest in her son!
Perhaps there was hope for them...

The second Curtis headed to work, Mehrissa slipped into his little black dress.  She looked good and she knew it!

She greeted her lover with a quick kiss to his cheek.
The whole gang was here and she was ready to have a good time!

Unfortunately, Charles quickly became distracted by his roommate, Michael - joking around and horseplaying.

She huffed indignantly and left the dance floor.
She found herself alone in a darkened corner, waiting for Charles to realize she'd left in a huff.
He remained oblivious.
But, she caught the attention of someone else...

"Perhaps you would like to catch a breath of fresh air with me?" the gentleman asked with a slightly foreign accent.

There was nothing like the rush of a new romance, she thought as she followed the gentleman outside.
As she practiced her well-honed seduction, he stared at the vein throbbing in her neck.
With sudden intensity, Gaius said something in a different language.

"What was th...?" she asked with a sultry giggle that fell flat as she became entranced.
Gaius shot forward quickly and sank his teeth in to her neck.
In only moments, her transformation was complete.  He had found his Queen.

"Where's your mama?" Curtis asked as he cuddled Cameron.  "Probably off at some party," he answered himself under his breath.   It was apparent to him that his marriage to Mehrissa was a horrible, horrible mistake.
"Sleep well," he said as he tucked his son into bed.
Then he headed back downstairs to wait.

In the morning, he awoke, startled.  He'd fallen asleep in his chair and Mehrissa hadn't come home at all.
He tried calling her.
And her friends.
And then finally the police.
No one had heard from her.  She'd last been seen at a night club she and her friends had attended.
Curtis was heartbroken.  She'd just up and left him.
"Where's Mommy?" Cameron asked with childish innocence. "When's she coming home?"
"I don't know," Curtis admitted sadly.

The phone began ringing.
Father and son rushed to answer it.  "Hello?" he asked breathlessly, hoping that there was more news about Mehrissa.

But, it was just a telemarketer.
Curtis rubbed the back of his neck.  "I'm not feeling very well..." he said awkwardly, a worrying numbness spreading through his body.
"Daddy?" he heard his young son cry.
He tried to tell him not to worry, but found himself unable to do more than mouth the words.
Cameron watched his daddy die right in front of him, unable to do anything to help it.

Now what would become of him?

Number of Sims in game: 56 (Welcome to the hood Count Gaius Romero)
Number of Sims completing impossible want: +3
Number of Sims hobby plaque points: +4
Neighborhood net worth ($446,605): +5 (Rounding up!)
Number of platinum graves: +1
Number CAS elders achieving impossible want: +10
Number CAS elders achieving lifetime want: +10
Number of Sims graduating Summa Cum Laude: +2
Number of Sims reaching top of career: +1

Number of shrink visits: -6
Number of times fired: -1
Number of social bunny visits: -1
Number of children taken by social worker: -1
Number of college drop-outs: -1

Total Points:82

 *AN:Although Cameron was technically taken by the social worker after Curtis passed away, I'm not counting that towards the score because he wasn't taken due to negligence!  Poor kid is going to be traumatized, though!

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