Friday, January 13, 2017

Vanderbuilt - Round 6

Edward couldn't believe he'd been kicked out of college.  His life was over.  He'd gotten mixed up with the mess between Tamara & Brittany and bombed all his finals. 

Kathleen watched her young children head off to school, standing on the front porch when they glanced back at her.  With a smile, she waved back.
If only it were that easy to help Edward.

"I just don't understand why?" she asked irritably.

Edward just shrugged.
She continued to lecture, hoping to see some spark of life in her son.

Andrew headed into the living room to join Edward.
Edward glanced up. "Did Mother send you?" he asked. 
"Your mother is just worried," Andrew explained as he sat down.
"I know. The problem is that I just don't know what I want right now.  I just need some time," Edward said with a defeated tone.

Andrew patted his knee.  "It will work out in time. Don't worry."

Edward scoffed.  Don't worry... it's the only thing he'd been doing lately.

Tired of wasting away, Edward popped up off his bed and dialed a phone number.
"I heard you were back in town after graduation," he said without preamble.  "Can we talk?" he asked, fully expecting her to turn him down.  "I'd love to see you."  His voice cracked slightly on the last.

She hesitated a long time before eventually agreeing.
Eagerly, he hurried to his closet and hunted for something other than his dirty sweats.
There. He felt better than he'd felt in months!

"Thanks for agreeing to meet me," Edward said, pressing a chaste kiss to Tamara's cheek.
Tamara stepped away and glanced away from him, unable to meet his eyes.  That wasn't a good sign, he thought with a sinking feeling in his stomach.
Edward greeted the host and requested the best table.
After being seated, Tamara cut right to the point.  "What did you want to talk about?" she asked.
Edward took a deep breath.
"I miss you, Tamara," he told her, reaching his hand out for hers.  "Tell me you'll give me another chance to prove how much I love you."
Tamara hesitated a moment before reaching out and entwining her fingers with his. 

A taxi took them to the Snuggly Bear Motel.
They could hardly keep their hands off each other.
Edward waited rather impatiently to be signed in...

After being given the key, the hurried into their room.  Seconds after the door closed, Edward pulled Tamara into his arms.
They stumbled back onto the bed.

"I love you," Edward said, reaching for her hand.

"I'm telling you, the boy will be fine!" Andrew told Kathleen.
"I'm just so worried about him!" Kathleen said.  "It's not like him to just go off for the night and not call!"

Andrew chuckled.  "He's a grown man. You've got to stop treating him like a little boy!"

She was drinking her morning coffee when the door opened.  "Edward Vander..." she said, setting her coffee down and turning to lecture her son.
She gasped with surprise.  "Edward!" she cried out.  "Look at you!"
"See you, Mom!" Victoria & Henry, the youngest Vanderbuilt twins, called out on their way to the school bus.
"Good morning, Mother," Edward said.

Now that her youngest twins were old enough for school, it was important to Kathleen to get them into Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy.  She greeted their old friend, the headmaster.
"Wait... you're saying you were expelled from school?" the headmaster asked with concern.  "What do you plan on doing now?"
"I haven't the foggiest," Edward admitted.  "I've always been interested in architecture, though. Perhaps I'll look into that..."
"But you don't have a degree? You can't just build buildings without a degree!" the headmaster corrected him.

Edward shrugged.
Seeing the conversation spiraling out of control, Kathleen attempted to change the conversation to how smart and well-behaved Victoria and Henry were.
Just then, Henry ran in the front door.  "SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" he screeched with Victoria hot on his heels.
"Quit it, Victoria! I said I didn't want to play!" Henry yelled, pushing his sister away.
Andrew turned to his old friend.  "Did I mention I was going to be making a sizeable donation to the Academy?"
The headmaster stood. "I believe Victoria and Henry will be welcome additions to the Academy," he said with a practiced smile.

While his younger siblings began attending private school, Edward began his new business career.

Gregory thought private school was totally lame.  Thankfully his good friend was always down to hang out!
Although, he was beginning to suspect that it had more to do with his little sister than him...

Penelope grew up while no one was looking.  Of course, it must be hard staying on top of the birthdays of so many children...

Kathleen smiled and gave her daughter, Elizabeth, a big hug.  "I'm so glad you could come back from university."  She paused.  "And I see you brought a ... friend... back with you.... How lovely," she added frigidly.
"Mooooooooom!" Elizabeth gasped, surprised her mom could be so rude in front of a guest.  Her friend, Brittany, just shrugged.
Toni heard her sister-in-law groan and was glad that her mother-in-law was bothering someone other than her.  She was well-used to the tongue-lashing that woman could deliver!  Instead, she danced with her son, Andrew, while her daughter, Kristi, danced nearby.

AJ greeted his younger brother with a firm handshake.  "So I hear the season is going well for you?" he said.

Charles nodded. "Pretty good. Moving up in the ranks pretty quick," he bragged.

"Shouldn't you be wearing something a little more modest?" Kathleen lectured her daughter, Vanessa.

"Mom, I think I'm old enough to dress myself," Vanessa said with an eye roll at her firefighter husband, Gordon.
Suddenly, Vanessa's son, Gordie, ran up and pretended to fire on his cousin, Andrew.

"Outside!" Kathleen announced, shooing the grandchildren from the house.
The rambuncous children wasted no time heading outside to play and get to know each other better.
Meanwhile, inside, the rest of the Vanderbuilts one-by-one listened to a criticism from their mother.

"It was a wonderful party," Andrew said, kissing her hand.

Kathleen smiled.  "Yes it was, wasn't it.  It's so nice to have such a close family, isn't it?"

Number of Sims in game: 55
Number of Sims completing impossible want: +3
Number of Sims hobby plaque points: +4
Neighborhood net worth ($446,605): +5 (Rounding up!)
Number of platinum graves: +1
Number CAS elders achieving impossible want: +10
Number CAS elders achieving lifetime want: +10
Number of Sims graduating Summa Cum Laude: +2
Number of Sims reaching top of career: +1

Number of shrink visits: -6
Number of times fired: -1
Number of social bunny visits: -1
Number of children taken by social worker: -1
Number of college drop-outs: -1

Total Points:81

 *AN:  No change in scores this time!

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