Check out this amazing, fully-designed town Black Mesa by the ever-talented HugeLunatic!  I changed a few lots around & added a few features I like, but have largely left it alone!  

(coming soon) 

Welcome to Last Chance, the once thriving boom town smack dab in the middle of the dry, dusty desert between Pleasantview, on the East Coast, and Bella Donna, on the West Coast.  If you missed the old Stage Coach taking you out of town, you were liable to be stuck there for weeks on end until the next coach came through.  With all the travel through the town, folks made a pretty good living.

That is, until the new Sims Railroad bypassed Last Chance, connecting Pleasantview & Bella Donna directly.

Just like that, Last Chance became a ghost town except for the few remaining families.

Can it prosper once more?

Andrew Vanderbilt runs this town, just like his father... and his grandfather... and his great-grandfather.  They had to leave the Vanderbuilt Estate, which overlooked the town, but Andrew vows to reclaim his birthright.. if only he can get his finances back in order!

After his wife passed away, Roy Brant wasn't quite sure how he was going to juggle being a single dad with three young children at home after his wife passed away unexpectedly. Thankfully, his mother invited him to move in with her until he was able to get back on his feet. Now if only he could convince her to let them have more than a dresser...

Crystal Delgado has always been a bit of a wild child.  She was close approaching 30 and had three kids with three different daddies.  It was so much responsibility! Some days she dreamed about just up and leaving it all behind...

Melissa Boggs was used to being considered a little weird.  Her parents were highly renowned scientists.Their experiments kept them preoccupied most of the time, so it usually fell on her to take care of her younger siblings.  But, nothing could prepare her for being their sole provider!

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